1. Camping Under Moonlight. ©PBBPhoto 8.3.14

  2. Stanley Lake Sunset. Idaho. ©PBBPhoto 8.3.14

  3. Idaho Farmland. ©PBBPhoto 8.3.14

  4. Canyonlands Panoramic ©PBBPhoto

  5. Spring Moose. ©PBBPhoto

  6. Time Tree Panoramic ©PBBPhoto

  7. Starry Sky Sunset Glow. 5.13.14 ©PBBPhoto

  8. Where ya headin’ ? ©PBBPhoto

  9. Between Two Storms. Salt Flats, Utah. 4.25.14 ©PBBPhoto

  10. A full moon illuminates the foreground, and thin clouds colored by the Salt Lake City night lights, rush over the mountains during a long moonlight exposure. ©PBBPhoto