1. Mt. Superior and the Little Cottonwood Canyon, Utah. Black and White ©PBBPhoto

  2. A full moon illuminates the foreground, and thin clouds colored by the Salt Lake City night lights, rush over the mountains during a long moonlight exposure. ©PBBPhoto

  3. Winters Window II ©PBBPhoto

  4. Winters Window Mountainside ©PBBPhoto

  5. On the Edge. ©PBBPhoto

  6. Through the Winter. North Fork Uintas, Utah. 3.28.14 ©PBBPhoto

  7. Lone Tree Summit Star Trails. 3.24.14 ©PBBPhoto

  8. Heber City, Utah 3.14.14 ©PBBPhoto

  9. A long exposure during sunset over The Great Salt Lake and the Wasatch Front. 03.12.14 © PBBPhoto

  10. The Great Salt Lake Sunset. ©PBBPhoto